Taxi Services

  • We are a 24 hour taxi cab service
  • We have live operators to take your phone reservations
  • We have over 500 Ford Crown Victoria's, Chevy Impalas, Dodge Grand Caravans, Toyota Sienna, Ford Windstar's, and Toyota Camry Hybrids, running 24 hours a day
  • We can dispatch a taxi-cab in 2-4 minutes (weather permitting & excluding rush hour)
  • Door to door service
  • Package Delivery
  • Logan Airport pick-ups & drop-offs
  • Wheel chair accessible vans equipped with ramps

All Top Cab and City Cab rates are rated by cab meter. All other service outside this area is determined by the Boston Police Department Hackney Division, Flat Rate Handbook.


  • Best Western/Children's Inn
  • Boston Harbor
  • Boston Marriott Copley Place
  • Boston Marriott Long Wharf
  • Boston Park Plaza Hotel
  • Colannade Hotel
  • Copley Square Hotel
  • Daystop of Boston
  • Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel/Back Bay
  • Holiday Inn Select/East Boston
  • Holiday Inn Select/Government Center
  • Howard Johnson/Kenmore
  • Howard Johnson/Fenway
  • Lenox Hotel
  • Meridien Hotel
  • Midtown Hotel
  • Omni Parker House
  • Radisson Hotel
  • Regal Bostonian Hotel
  • Ritz Carlton Boston
  • Sheraton Boston Hotel at Prudential
  • South Bay Hotel/I-93 South
  • Susse Chalet/Dorchester
  • Swissotel Boston
  • Tremont House
  • Westin Hotel/Copley


At Top Cab & City Cab we offer the most benefits to the cab driver. And this puts more $$$$$$ in your pocket. We will keep your cost down. We offer fleet discounting programs. We have many voucher accounts to keep the driver moving even if the city isn't moving. All members get one "free" complete paint job & logos when joining. We also offer free towing (up to $50 excluding Snow Days) if towed for repair to our garage. Free tire repair. Discounts on all body work. With the gas prices so high, we offer a discount on oil changes at our garage, and a discount for a alignment which puts more $$$$$ in your pocket. Any questions regarding joining the BEST CAB COMPANIES IN BOSTON call:


  • **$39 a week
  • **Discount Rate with Roof sign (Only $30 a week)
  • **Discount Rate with Roof sign and ACH payment (Only $27 a week)
  • **Huge Discounts For Fleet Owners

Top Cab & City Cab we have the lowest radio dues

WE WILL SAVE YOU $$$$$$$$$$$$

Vehicle Inspection

Mass State Inspection Station # PB036760

inspection shop sign Massachusetts motor vehicle inspection station The Massachusetts enhanced emissions and safety test inspection shop sign Please have your registration and fee of $29 ready Certifed Enhanced Emissions & Safety Test

We are a licensed Mass State Inspection Station. Official Inspection Station Number PB036760. The hours for the Mass State Inspection stickers are from Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 9:00pm. Top Cab, Inc. is a licensed Mass State Inspection Station. The Enhanced Emissions & Safety Test has been in effect since October 1999 for all motor vehicles registered in the Commonwealth, including buses and trucks. Safety tests are given every year and emissions tests every other year. Together, the safety and emissions tests take 20 minutes. The inspection fee is $29. Massachusetts is now using an advanced computer emissions test-the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) test-for most model year 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, and SUV's. The OBD test emissions using your vehicle's internal computer, which continuously monitors the engine, transmission and emissions control system.

Malfunction Indicator Light

There is a little orange or yellow light on your vehicle's dashboard display that plays a big part in your vehicle's OBD system. Known as a Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL), it illuminates a message such as "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" whenever the on-board computer detects a problem with the engine, transmission, or emissions control system. The MIL lights for a few seconds when you first start your vehicle, which is normal. But if it stays on at other times, then your vehicle's computer has detected a problem that needs attention.

If your vehicle's Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) turns on:

  • Don't ignore it. An illuminated MIL is telling you that your vehicle is unlikely to pass its OBD test. Knowing this, you can get it repaired before bringing it in for inspection, which will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Try tightening your vehicle's gas cap, and then take a few trips to see if the light goes off. The gas cap is part of the emissions control system, and closing it tight is important.
  • If the light remains on, then your vehicle's computer has detected a problem that needs attention. Take your vehicle in for service. Even if performance and road handling still feel normal, an illuminated MIL means your vehicle needs to be fixed.

By keeping up with routine vehicle maintenance and following these steps when necessary, you'll save money on fuel and repairs while doing your part to protect the air we breathe.

The OBD emissions test uses your vehicle's internal computer, which continuously monitors the engine, transmission and emissions control system. OBD is, in effect, an "early warning system" that alerts you to the need for repairs that can reduce air pollution before they cost you a lot of money or your vehicle fails its emissions test.

The OBD emissions test is designed to ensure that your vehicle keeps running as cleanly as it was designed to run, which in turn protects the air we breathe.

Repair services


We have 12 lifts to get you in and out as fast as possible to get you back on the road.

We are located on a Route 1A North, Revere, MA (1.7miles from Logan Airport).

Our Mechanical Repair Shop is open every day 365 days a year.

The hours we are open are from 7:00am to 12:00am every day. We can fix all vehicles from taxi-cabs to foreign to domestic cars to SUVs and trucks. We have a staff of mechanics with many years of experience. We are a company that stands by our word. Since 2000, Top Cab Repair & Auto Body has been experts in the diagnosis service and maintenance repairs. Our mechanics have many years of experience and the diagnostic equipment to make sure your car, taxi, SUV, or truck are diagnosed right and repaired right. We specialize in transmissions.

All at a discounted price, we "dare you to compare". For all inquiries call (781)286-5490.

Mechanical Repair Service Includes:

Full Service Oil

Lube & Filter Change, Synthetic Oil Change

Brake System

Inspection of Entire Brake System, Replace Pads & Shoes, Emergency Cables, Rotors & Drums, Wheel Bearings, Lubrication for Specified Components, Old Brake Fluid Replaced With Fresh New Fluid, Master Cylinder, Calipers, Hydraulic Fluid, Road Tested

Transmissions Services


External & Computer, Fluid Change & Flush & Reseal Tail shafts, New Transmissions or Rebuilt Transmission Units at a DISCOUNTED PRICE

Drive Train:

CV Shafts & Boots, Differentials & Axles, Drive Shaft & U-Joints, Bearings & Gear Lubrication

Complete Car Maintenance

Radiators, Hoses, Drive Belt, Fan Belt, Serpentine Belt, Timing Belt

Battery Maintenance

New Battery, Alternators, Clean Battery Terminal, Battery Light Indicator On

Light Bulb

Headlights, Taillights, Parking Lights, Reverse Lights, Fog Lights

Tire Rotation

Mounted & Balanced, New Tires & Used Tires, Computerized Alignments

Wiper Blade Replacements

Engines, Sensors, Spark Plugs & Ignition Wires, Distributors, Valve Train, Engine Light Indicator On, Engine Motor Mounts, Intake Manifold

Cooling Systems

Engine Coolant, Radiator, Radiator Cap, Radiator Hoses & Radiator Fan or Clutch, Cooling Fan Assembly

Heater Services

Heater Cores & Hoses

Thermostats & Water Pumps, Over Heating, Temperature Sensors, Coolant Light Indicator On

Power Steering

Fluid Replaced, Pitman Arms, P.S Pumps, Rack Pinion, Steering Column & Shifter, Gear Box, Directional Switches, Lines, Rear End Units NEW&USED, Steering Stabilizers


Visual Inspection Of Choke & Throttle Plate, Linkage, Idle Speed Adjusted

Exhaust Systems

Repair mufflers & Gaskets, Catalytic Converter, Tailpipes, Clamps, Engine Light Indicator On, Exhaust Manifold

Air Conditioning Systems

Diagnose trouble, Air Compressors, Air Condensers, Lines, Hoses, Sensors, AC & Heat Blending Door, Orifice Tubes

Suspension Systems

Shocks & Struts, Strut Mounts, Shock Absorbers, Coil & Leaf Springs, Ball Joints Upper & Lower, Control Arms Upper & Lower, Tie Rods Inner & Outer, Idler & Pitman Arm, Stabilizer Links, Bushings, Lubrication of parts

We Fix

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Honda's, Acura's, Fords, Dodge's, Chevy's, Chrysler's, Nissan's, BMW's, Toyota's, Lincolns, Kia's, Subaru's, Infinity's, TRUCKS & SUV's

Autobody Services

Free Diagnosis

Our Auto Body & Collision Shop is equipped to handle all repairs from small dents to severely damaged vehicles requiring repair or replacement of major body sections, our skilled personnel apply experience and knowledge to expertly restore your car or taxi-cab to pre-crash condition. We can fix fenders, hoods, bumpers, doors, quarter panels, header panels, lights & lenses, and trunks. Our shop is ready to assist you in any of your needs. We will work with you to minimize your convenience and maximize your satisfaction. We will beat any estimate, guaranteed. We want quality to be remembered long after the price. Our staff will handle your auto body repair from the minute you walk through the door, to the delivery of your repaired vehicle back to you.

We deal with the details so our customers don't have to. At Top Cab Auto Body we're different. We want to get your vehicle fixed fast so that you can get back on the road. We can do the job faster than our completion. Open 7 days a week. You can arrange an appointment to have Auto Body work done in the middle of the night if appointment made. We will accommodate anyone in a time of crisis where you need to get your vehicle back on the road sooner, with more money in your pocket. Our Body Shop we use original-equipment replacement parts, but we can offer quality aftermarket cosmetic panels, used parts and other ways to economize the price.

We Fix

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Honda's, Acura's, Fords, Dodge's, Chevy's, Chrysler's, Nissan's, BMW's, Toyota's, Lincolns, Kia's, Subaru's, Infinity's, TRUCKS & SUV's

Free Estimates

Any questions call (781) 289-1757

Located at: 281 Lee Burbank Highway (ROUTE 1A NORTH 1.7MILES FROM LOGAN AIRPORT) Revere, MA 02151

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